Malad Police Arrested Three Men For Robbing Houses For The Last 30 Years in Various City



Malad Police Arrested Three Men For Robbing Houses For The Last 30 Years in Various City

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

The Malad police arrested three men who have been robbing houses for the last 30 years in various parts of the country, after a similar case was registered at the Malad police station last week.

The accused, one of whom has 96 cases registered against him, stole valuables from seven houses in in Mumbai, and were fleeing back to Delhi by the Rajdhani Express, when the Mumbai police nabbed them in the train from Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh and seized Rs10 lakh from them.

The police said that they were planning to move their base from Delhi to Mumbai.

The accused would pick locks in 10 minutes and even lock the doors of neighbours so that they don’t get caught.

On January 11, a house breaking and robbery at a three storey building in Malad was reported at the Malad police station. The police made teams and set out to hunt for the accused.

Police personnel scanned footage of more than 80 CCTV cameras. They tracked the accused to a hotel in Andheri and then traced them to Mumbai Central railway station. The police suspected that the accused would be boarding a train to escape, so they got the list of the passengers and, with the help of the Government Railway Police (GRP), confirmed that the suspects have boarded the Rajdhani Express and are on their way to Delhi.

The police, along with the GRP arrested the accused on the running train when it reached Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, and brought them back to Mumbai.

“The accused are well trained and would pick locks of houses within 10 minutes, enter the house and steal valuables such as gold, silver, watches, and laptops and flee. They would also lock neighbouring houses so that they don’t get caught,” said senior police inspector Ravindra Adane of Malad police station.

“After committing a number of thefts in Delhi, the accused wanted to move their base to Mumbai. However, we stopped them before they could do that,” said the senior inspector.

The accused have been identified as Nizam Shaikh, 46, Aksar Shaikh, 27, and Anwar Shaikh, 37, all from Jahangirpuri, New Delhi. They also revealed the names of two more persons involved in the crime. The three have been booked under the Indian Penal Code’s Section 454 (house-breaking) and further investigation to arrest the other two accused is underway.

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