Kurla Women Claims Of Gang Rape At Knife Point Proven Fake

Kurla Women Claims Of Gang Rape At Knife Point Proven Fake

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

All the allegations of a 42-year-old woman in the Kurla gangrape case have been proven fake, the police has said. The woman had alleged that three men assaulted her at knife-point last month, while also burning her private parts with cigarette butts.

The police had arrested one of the three suspects, Bablu aka Mohammad Yakub Siddiqui, and he has been in jail for 40 days for a crime he didn’t commit.

The Free Press Journal had earlier reported about two medical reports of the victim by JJ and Bhabha hospitals, which clearly stated that the ‘rape’ allegation is false, while the injuries were ‘self-inflicted’.

The police had also sent the visual evidence collected from the purported crime scene; the result came in early last week. According to sources at the Kurla police station, the forensic reports, too, could not back the allegations.

“We are in the process of making a summary report, which will be submitted in court. In this report, all the examination and forensic reports will be attached,” said a police official.

The police added the two other suspects had denied all allegations and stated that all of them were ‘made up’ by the victim to take revenge. The police said the rivalry stemmed from a joint drugs business.

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