Car Rams Into Container Truck 3 Dead 4 Injured

Car Rams Into Container Truck 3 Dead 4 Injured

Palghar – Indradev Pandey

Maharashtra Palghar While trying to avoid a pothole a car dashed into the back side of the container truck which resulted in the death of three.

A family from Nallasopara which was going to Bhilad for a function hit a container truck from the back side. The driver of Wagon R (MH02 DN 6868) tried to avoid a pothole and the car dashed the non-driver side into the container truck.

This accident occurred on a bridge which is about 1 km North of Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir near Charoti on Jan 8 at around 1.15 pm.

Narottam Chana Rathod (65), Ketan Narottam Rathod (32) and Aarvi Dipesh Rathod (1) are the deceased in this accident.

Amongst the injured are Dipesh Narottam Rathod (35) (driver of the vehicle), Tejal Dipesh Rathod (32), Madhu Narottam Rathod (58) and Snehal Dipesh Rathod (2.5).

Two of the serious patients are treated at Vedanta Hospital at Dhundhalwadi, Dhanau and the rest two injured are treated at Kasa Sub District Hospital, Dahanu.

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