Actress Urfi Javed Says Wearing Of Short Clothes Is Not A Crime

Actress Urfi Javed Says Wearing Of Short Clothes Is Not A Crime

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

Social media starlet Uorfi Javed went to the Amboli police station in Jogeshwari (W) on Saturday to record her statement after receiving a notice on a complaint of ‘indecent’ attire in public lodged by a BJP politician.

The recording of the statement took about two hours, according to the police. Ms Javed said she likes to wear different clothes, which is no crime.

‘I wear clothes according to my work…’

“The clothes I wear are part of my profession and work,” the actress told police. “I wear clothes according to my work and get photo shoots done. Sometimes I am so busy with work that there is no time to change. In such a situation, sometimes I have to go out [in the same clothes]. That is when people take my pictures and make them viral.”

She told the police she is a citizen of India and has the liberty to decide for herself what to wear.

The BJP’s Chitra Wagh had met the Police Commissioner on Dec 31 to complain about Ms Javed’s “nudity” in public, saying her clothes had become a topic of discussion on social media.

Ms Wagh had said the freedom given by the Constitution should not be used for such things. In her complaint, she said walking on the streets partially clothed is unacceptable in Indian culture and Ms Javed should wear such clothes only within the four walls of her house and studio.

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